Specialized Dockets

BASE – Be At School Everyday

The BASE Truancy Court was created as a partnership between the Ottawa County Juvenile Court and Port Clinton City Schools to comprehensively address excessive absences and tardies from school.

The goal of the BASE program is to encourage students to attend school on time each and every day. This goal puts students on a path to better school performance and better behavior in the classroom. This program aims to help strengthen the family structure and increase the overall success of the juvenile’s academics and future career plans.

Referrals for the BASE Truancy Court program can come from the Court, the probation department, or the school. The BASE treatment team, which includes the Judge, meets weekly to work with the family to address attendance issues at school and other problems in the home. The treatment team connects the family with appropriate community resources to eliminate barriers to student success.

FACT – Families and Court Together

Judge Kathleen Giesler’s FACT program is an innovative model which works with substance abusing and/or mentally ill juveniles, ages 13-17, and their families. By providing Judicial oversight in a therapeutic environment, families experience a collaborative attempt at healing and treatment. The program is based on the widely accepted belief that not all cases are best handled through a formal delinquency complaint. FACT provides participants the opportunity to receive services in lieu of going through the traditional court process.

The FACT program involves wrapping an array of services and support networks around young people and their families. Participants appear weekly before the Judge and work closely with a Treatment team. The Treatment team is a multidisciplinary team of professionals designed to support the participant and their family. The program is organized into a series of phases to help the participant and their family receive treatment and develop new habits.

HOPE Court – Helping Our Parents Excel

The Family Dependency Treatment Court is an alternative judicial track with the Juvenile Court System.  This specialized court will deal with parents whose children have been removed from their care or are at risk of removal due to the parent’s substance abuse or mental health issues.

Parents participating in HOPE Court will work closely with the judge, treatment providers and child welfare in a nonadversarial setting.  Plans will be devised to give parents a chance to achieve sobriety and mental health, provide a safe and nurturing home, become responsible for themselves and their children, and hold their families together.

Family Dependency Treatment Court models have shown that courts need to manage substance-abuse and mental illness treatments effectively in order to promote rehabilitation/recovery for parents.  Therefore, judicial oversight is imperative for the programs success.  It is the intention of the court to foster growth and consistent interaction with the parent in order to promote long term stability within that parent.