Wraparound & Service Coordination

Through the Ottawa County Family and Children First Council


When families are are working with multiple agencies at the same time, it can be overwhelming.  Ottawa County Family & Children First Council offers service coordination and wraparound to families of youth age 0 through 21, who present multiple needs that cannot be met by a single service provider.

This child-centered, family-focused planning process is a collaborative effort to enhance families’ opportunities for success.
The service planning/coordination process brings together agencies (e.g., family members, members of the family’s social support network, service providers, and agency representatives) who are relevant to the life of the child or youth collaboratively to develop an individualized plan of care.

Wrap Around/Service Coordination is not meant to take the place of traditional case management or service coordination offered by community agencies.  This process offers a neutrally-positioned facilitator that brings together service providers and natural family supports working with the child/family to form a Family Team. Wraparound aims to develop problem-solving skills, coping skills, and self-efficacy of families with an emphasis on integrating the youth into the community and building a social support network. The Family Team meets on a regular basis and utilizes a team approach to ensure services are aligned, streamlined and coordinated.

To refer a youth or family to the FCFC’s Wraparound program, contact Margaret Osborne, Director, at 419-567-262-3648 or click here for the Ottawa County Family Children First Council website.